June 17, 2021 19:54

3 unidentified bodies found together in abandoned house by clean our crew in NYC

Has anyone looked into this case? It doesn’t say if the bodies were related or not. Could have this have been a serial killers dumping grounds? A family annihilator? A drug house- however not likely in my opinion due to the dismemberment. Namus doesn’t state weather or not any of the three deceased were ever identified. They also did not include any physical description of the three.

Please leave ideas/theories/information

✔️Date Bodies Found October 30, 2001

✔️Circumstances of Recovery Construction workers were cleaning out an abandoned building at above location, placing debris in a large dumpster in front of the building. They noticed bones in the dumpster and called 911. A total of three partial skeletons were recovered.*

✔️Discovery: Inventory of Remains Head not recovered One or both hands not recovered Condition of Remains Not recognizable – Partial skeletal parts only

[NamUs link]

article from ny daily news re bodies found ](https://www.nydailynews.com/new-york/bronx/bodies-found-fire-damaged-abandoned-bronx-home-article-1.1457662)

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