July 28, 2021 22:38

A Day Ending in “Y”

Must be time to slap around the media tools again and their biased crooked reporting:

  • Unlike a Marxist state in which journalists are reduced to obediently parrot the whims of ruling party, journalists in a republic are charged with using the First Amendment to investigate and keep the public well informed.

    That, ostensibly, is the function of the media.

    In Chicago, however, the collection of editors, reporters, and columnists abandoned this mission of a free press in a republic decades ago. In doing so, the media in Chicago became more a subversive force, attempting to undermine opponents.

    No media outlet reflects this transformation more than the Chicago Tribune, and no writer at the paper more than columnist Eric Zorn. Indeed, the thirty-year transformation of the paper from a lone Republican outlet in the city into an agent of an extremist political movement could very well be called the Zornian era of American journalism.

Frankly, we wouldn’t give the soy-boy manling the credit of naming a movement for his apologist bullshit.

But it’s a good read as usual from the people over at The Contrarian.

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