June 22, 2021 01:19

A Phone Charger?

CWB blog covering the backstories that the media won’t involving Cook County judges:

  • One day after a Cook County judge ignored a recommendation to impose “maximum conditions” on Michael Riddle during a bond court hearing, Riddle was arrested again Thursday — for allegedly stabbing his girlfriend 14 times as she sat on a couch next to her young child.

    Judge David Navarro allowed Riddle to get out of jail by posting just $1,000 bond after prosecutors accused him of trying to carjack a woman this week. Navarro made the decision just minutes after the court’s pre-trial services officer advised that “maximum conditions are recommended” for Riddle’s release.

    On Thursday night, Riddle watched TV with his girlfriend, the mother of his 5-month-old child, at her home in Grand Crossing. The woman’s three-year-old daughter was also on the couch when Riddle began looking for his phone charger, according to prosecutors.

    When the woman told him where the charge was, he allegedly attacked her.

All of this over a phone charger.

This part is priceless:

  • The judge, who had been advised to set “maximum conditions” for Riddle minutes earlier, allowed Riddle to go home without electronic monitoring by posting 10% of a $10,000 bail order — $1,000 — Wednesday afternoon.

    “I better not see you in front of me on any new cases,” Navarro said as Riddle’s carjacking hearing concluded.

Good thing this will NEVER EVER happen again:

  • On Saturday, not long after hearing about how Riddle allegedly violated bail by violently stabbing a woman, Navarro heard new allegations of attempted carjacking against a different man in a new case.

    Navarro set bail for that man at $10,000, too. He’ll also need just $1,000 to get out of jail.

Well….it couldn’t happen TWICE in a row, could it?

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