August 1, 2021 14:03

A special gift for a woman in need


Police officers in California recently gave an early Christmas present to a woman who really needed some positivity in her life, and it was a beautiful moment.

Earlier in the year, an elderly woman in the LAPD’s Hollenbeck Division was attacked by five gang members in what was deemed a hate crime. They called her horrible racist names and destroyed her car.

The LAPD arrested a suspect in the case, but they knew they needed to do more to help the victim. So, they partnered with East LA Auto Sales, the Los Angeles Police Protective League and Badge of Heart — a nonprofit that helps underprivileged families, seniors and children — to surprise the woman with a new car.

The LAPD posted a video on Twitter showing the moment when officers unveiled the surprise gift, and even through the mask the woman was wearing to protect herself from the coronavirus, it was easy to tell how moved she was. Officers stood nearby and clapped for her as she got her first look at her new car, which of course came with a giant pink bow.

Members of the community responded to the video with praise for the officers involved, as well as support for the woman who had faced so much hardship.

“You guys are the best! Love to see this healthy relationship between law enforcement and the community it protects,” one commenter said.

“That was nice to see. A kind act during a chaotic, divided time. I wish we had enough money and good will to touch more lives, but one good deed at a time is a nice start. Way to go!” said another.

“I’m so lost at the amount of hate in this world, but my God I’m so happy they did this for her,” said a third.

We couldn’t have said it any better. 

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