September 19, 2021 21:36

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Teachers are returning to work… February

  • Chicago Public Schools officials are planning to resume in-person classes for elementary school students at the start of February in the most concrete move yet to restart traditional schooling after what will have been an unprecedented, nearly yearlong interruption, according to sources with knowledge of the district’s plans.

    The decision comes amid increasing public health uncertainty as the city’s spread of COVID-19 infections reaches an all-time high and the school system faces heavy scrutiny from the teachers union and anxious parents. Officials relayed their plans to principals on a conference call Tuesday afternoon. A public announcement has not been made but could come later in the evening.

The Contrarian has an article up on it, too:

  • …the Chicago Teachers Union (CTU) telegraphed a desire to return to work. In a letter delivered to the Chicago Public Schools (CPS) over the weekend of November 7-8, CTU lawyer Thad Goodchild requested an arbitrator to assist in negotiations to finally come to an agreement to re-open schools. Predictably, given the reported election returns, the CTU quietly confirmed its willingness to explore options and enter into discussions with CPS officials in a by-candlelight tweet Sunday night.

Florian Sohnke correctly calls the CTU an “absolute menace” and attributes their willingness to come back to work as a sop to the presumed Biden administration wanting peace in the blue cities that provided enough fraudulent votes to wheel him over the finish line.

Time to look into a No-Strike clause for the teachers, seeing as how children are our most valuable commodity….and not bargaining chips.

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