April 13, 2021 12:55

Academy Disaster

From one of our many insiders:

  • Try being in 124/044 lately- it’s a disaster. This all started when Kevin Johnson brought in all his people from 003, 005 and 006. Most of them are garbage and still occupy desks over here, doing as little work as possible, while proclaiming themselves to be the greatest thing since sliced bread…. Then came along Godsel in January/February, who you’d think would’ve cleaned house, but no… Fast forward to more recent weeks….DC Godsel was threatened some time ago, right around when Barb West dropped her papers- that if training didn’t speed up to meet Consent Decree deadlines, he’d be shown the door and made an example of. Hence the reason Procedural Justice, Custodial Escort, Officer Wellness and Use of Force has not stopped. God forbid you’d pay overtime to get more officers trained in the AR carbine program… you know, with all the mass shootings and offenders arming themselves to the teeth…..
    [..] Not to mention, COVID is exploding in the academy. Most of the kids have been told “don’t get tested. The more positive cases, the more likely it will be that we’re shut down.” Several instructors and even more kids have it.. No coincidence a ton of officers who tested positive recently came from training environments. Everyone uses the same keyboards and mice, urinal flush handles, sink faucets, door handles, mold-infested drinking fountains, railings, etc. Nothing is wiped down or sanitized. There is only so much social distancing you can do in a 40+ year old building the size of a fucking elementary school.

    In March, when COVID blew up the first time, they shut down all training and sent 124/044 staff to the districts. More people inside the training buildings have it now, but nothing is shut down. The biggest clusterfuck of all? When recruits were sent out, the department offered ZERO online learning for them. So when they returned, they had to pick up where they left off. Nothing like having to remember juvenile law and arrest/search/seizure […] 6 months after you had it the first time with minimal refreshers.

Everytime someone sends us the sheets, we always try to point out the people sent downtown, regardless of cars being unmanned. We’ll try to point out the same thing with people sent to training – but if you have 4-to-6 officers downtwon and another 2-to-4 at training, you’ve destroyed any flexibility you might have had to address regularly occurring crime.

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