June 22, 2021 18:56

Accused fake cop back in jail in case where video caught her yelling at kids on playgound

A Fort Worth woman charged with impersonating a police officer and yelling at kids to leave a playground was back in custody Monday on alleged bond violations.

It’s the second time 39-year-old Samantha Eley has been arrested on suspected bond violations since May.

Eley was arrested Sunday after a warrant was issued for her on Nov. 19, accusing her of bond violations that included alcohol consumption and tampering with an at home alcohol monitoring device.

Instead of blowing into the device, Eley is accused of using another device to blow air into the alcohol monitor and submitting a 0.00 reading on Halloween, according to Tarrant County criminal court documents.

Eley was in the Tarrant County Jail on Monday in lieu of $3,700 bail on the impersonating charge. On a separate case, she also was being being held for an August 2019 family assault charge.

Initially, Eley was arrested in October 2019 after she was caught on video cursing at teens at a Fort Worth playground while falsely claiming to be a police officer, according to an arrest warrant.

The incident in which she’s accused of impersonating an officer occurred at the Dream Park in October 2019 and was caught on cell phone video that one of the teens posted to Twitter. Eley declined to speak to a detective about the incident after her arrest in October 2019, the warrant says.

Police responded to the scene shortly after 3:30 p.m. Oct. 16, 2019 at Dream Park, which is centrally located at Trinity Park, 2001 University Drive.

Eley walked up to a teen who was on a swing set, telling her to “stop now” because the playground was for children and they were not kids, according to the warrant and video.

The video shows she began to argue with the girls, and screamed, “I’m a f—— PD!” She then threatened to arrest the girls, the warrant says.

She was released a few days after her arrest in October 2019 after posted bail, but some conditions of her release included submitting urine samples for testing for controlled substances, no alcohol consumption, no purchasing of weapons and abstaining from drug use.

Problems began arising in early 2020. Eley was accused of skipping 37 alcohol monitoring tests from March 3 to April 16, and another 14 from April 16 to May 10, according to court records.

She was arrested in June, and served two weeks in jail before she released again with bond conditions.

In July, Mark Scott of Fort Worth, her attorney, filed a motion to withdraw as her attorney because she was failing to pay attorney fees, according to court documents. The court later appointed her another attorney.


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