May 12, 2021 19:53

Another Morale Buster

Here comes Squad Policing with all its associated fuckery:

  • Hey SCC,

    Have you heard anything about this new squad policing and how it’s ripping partners up, screwing officers with time on the job out of there park cars and beat cars?

    007 just implemented the new strategy and 3rd watch got completely shafted. You’ve got officers with no time on the job but because they’re in a specific DOG, they get the early side and beats that officers with time had previously had. The whole rumor of SGT’s get to pick there officers isn’t true at all. My secretary denied us the ability to switch DOGs in order to keep our beats, instead gave them to officers who practically just got off status. Even officers who have been partners for years are getting ripped apart because the DOG they have is stacked and obviously not the same.

    It’s making a whole lot of hell in 007 and a lot of POs are pissed. So much for keeping morale high. Any chance officers in 006 or 011, or 025 are having the same issues? From what we’ve heard we can’t even grieve it with the FOP according to the staff in 007. Apparently seniority has no bearings on DOGs, or who gets the early side, park cars or specific beats.

Unfortunately, you can be reassigned Day Off Groups every year. You only bid Watches and Furloughs.

And even more unfortunately, a whole bunch of  promises are being made – with no actual intent to keep them – in order to “sell” Squad Policing to the Districts.

We’ve noted here many times that everywhere Squad Policing has been tried, it has failed – New York, Los Angeles, St. Louis, Pittsburgh, and other places. It’s even failed in 006, where it was supposed to save the massive understaffing so typical of CPD nowadays.

We have no idea what makes CPD brass think they can make it work where others have failed. There is no way to make it work without dozens of carve-outs AND a massive expenditure that isn’t happening in this era of “defunding.”

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