May 12, 2021 20:41

Asian-American Woman, 65, Attacked in NYC as Poll Shows Rise in Asian Hate Incidents

An Asian-American woman was walking through the Hell’s Kitchen neighborhood of Manhattan on Monday morning when a stranger approached, kicked her in the stomach, knocking her to the sidewalk, and then brutally stomped on her head again and again while spewing slurs, reports the Washington Post. Video appears to show at least three people in the condo’s lobby passively watching the violence and, when the attacker eventually walked away, a supposed security guard calmly shut the door on her. Early on Tuesday, the company that manages the condo tower announced that the staffers involved in the incident have been suspended. The case was one of two attacks on Asian-Americans in New York caught on video and publicized on Monday, on the same day that city leaders gathered in Brooklyn to urge quick action to halt a rising tide of racist violence and threats.

Meanwhile, Axios reports that a poll from Survey Monkey and AAPI Data published Tuesday has found that one in four Asian-Americans has experienced a hate incident. So far this year, 10 percent of Asian-American and Pacific Islanders report experiencing hate incidents, compared to 6 percent of Americans overall. Twenty-seven percent of Asian Americans and 24 percent of Native Hawaiian/Pacific Islanders have ever been a victim of a hate crime, higher than the national average of 22 percent, and 12 percent of Asian Americans and 10 percent of Native Hawaiian/Pacific Islanders experienced a hate crime or hate incident in 2020 (national average 8 percent). However, because the survey was conducted in English, researchers warned that this not only “biases the sample” towards U.S. born and dominant English-speakers, when a majority of the sample reported speaking a language other than English in their homes, but also then likely means the overall incidents are likely to be higher.

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