March 1, 2021 19:52

Avoidable Shortage

Typical incompetency by the CPD administration:

  • A friend tested positive for Covid and was given 26 NOV as his return to work date. When he called the medical section last week (after a total of 19 attempts since they stopped answering the phone the week before), he was told he wouldn’t be able to return til 30 NOV “because of the holiday”. So does that mean the medical section will be closed thurs thru sun, during a manpower shortage because of a pandemic? What?

    Another friend had to call the medical section 32 times before someone down there answered the phone last Monday, his 14th day of being off after testing positive. Medical section told him to just return to work on his next working day after the two week period. Ummm mostly any and every other employer require two negative tests to return to work and you can’t show ANY symptoms. The medical section and CPD apparently couldn’t care less if people are returning to work still sick, which will just continue this cycle.

This has been hinted at and complained about in the comment section for a week or more now. Everywhere is short, but part of it is a failure to release healthy people back to work. The other part appears to be bypassing protocols so infected people don’t return to work, and this further exacerbates the most recent outbreak.

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