March 5, 2021 01:52

Axon AI Ethics Board member has history of bashing law enforcement

A new member of Axon’s AI Ethics Board has a reputation of bashing police and engaging as an activist against the institution of law enforcement. So why are his services sought by a company reaping the financial rewards of doing business with police agencies across the country?

If you work in law enforcement, you are familiar with Axon technology. You might be wearing one of their cameras or carrying the Taser.

Axon describes itself as “the global leader in connected public safety technologies.”

Earlier this year they announced the appointment of three new members to its AI Ethics Board. The board was established in April 2018 to guide the responsible development and use of AI-powered technologies being developed by Axon, according to their news release.

Chris Harris is one of three new board members. According to Law Officer sources, Harris is well known for his radical, anti-police activism in Austin, Texas.

“It’s been grinding my gears that Axon has a dude on their board that shit talks our existence while my colleagues buy and use their equipment,” according to one well placed source who has seen Harris in action.

Perhaps his presence is due to woke politics connected to “social justice,” … the kind that believe lies and regurgitate all manner of hate-filled propaganda? You wouldn’t think Axon would find it necessary to lambast and indirectly backhand their customers, yet it appears to be happening through the partnership with Harris.

In addition to an activist like Harris working with them, catch the wording in the first sentence of the paragraph below, which was pulled from their announcement.

“Our new AI Ethics Board members bring a wealth of knowledge and experience including privacy, social justice, and some of the most directly relevant core science and applied machine learning topics such as deepfake and image manipulation detection.” (Emphasis on “social justice” by Law Officer.)

One local police officer refers to Harris as an “Austin-based activist who for as long as I’ve been in Austin has been trash-talking officers and the work we do.”

Yet, this is how Axon introduced him:

“Chris Harris is a native Texan and passionate advocate working to transform the criminal justice system. He currently serves as a Campaign Coordinator for Texas Appleseed, a public interest nonprofit that promotes social and economic justice for all Texans, and as a Public Safety Commissioner representing District 1 in the City of Austin. Chris has led and contributed to winning campaigns aimed at limiting: racial disparities in the criminal justice system, state violence, unnecessary arrests, ICE detentions, pre-trial incarceration, subpar indigent defense and further investment in police and prisons. Chris is an alumni of Austin College where he studied political science and international relations. Previously, Chris worked in the software industry with a focus on public sector solutions and held various roles, including analyst, consultant, and product manager.”

According to police officers who’ve been the recipients of his scorn, his concentrated focus is on false perceptions of police brutality and violence. He’s never had a positive thing to say about cops, they say.

Sources told Law Officer that Harris has scrubbed much of his Twitter account, perhaps due to his new relationship with Axon, and recent posts are tempered with some moderation.

Nevertheless, we’ve noticed he still can’t help himself. Here are a few recent samples that demonstrate his zeal for taking shots at law and order:

Law enforcement is grateful to companies like Axon who develop products to assist with a very difficult profession. However, the decision to employ a person like Harris as an AI Ethics Board member seems counterintuitive to the mission.

Furthermore, his cloudy judgment — as viewed by officers — as an anti-police activist flies in the face of Axon’s most reliable clients.


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