September 28, 2021 21:29

Bernie Sanders Pushes for Constraints on Police Union Negotiating Powers

Senator Bernie Sanders has announced he’d support legislation to prevent police unions from negotiating benefits and disciplinary procedures that shield law enforcement officers from accountability, reports Axios. Sanders is one of the most vocal supporters of organized labor in Congress. But powerful police unions have been a major obstacle to criminal justice reforms–and the killing of George Floyd has fueled a growing fight within the labor movement over the proper role of police unions that often use their authority to shield officers. In some cases, instead of negotiating pay raises for police officers, cash-strapped cities have offered other “benefits” that include more generous appeals processes that help police officers who have been accused of abusing their power. Asked whether he would support legislation to curtail the rights of police unions to bargain over issues that relate to the criminal justice process, Sanders said, “Yes.”

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