September 17, 2021 08:29

Big Surprise – Not

Putzker might have COVID:

  • Two hours after Illinois Gov. J.B. Pritzker delivered his coronavirus briefing for Illinois, the governor’s office announced he is isolating pending the results of a coronavirus test due to a recent exposure.

    The office said it was notified Friday afternoon of a recent exposure and “as result of that possible exposure is currently conducting contact tracing and following all necessary health protocols from IDPH.”

    “The exposure was the result of an external meeting with the governor that took place on Monday in a large conference room in the governor’s office,” a statement from the office read. “The governor was tested [Friday] and his results will be made public when available. The governor is currently isolating pending his test results.” 

It couldn’t POSSIBLY be from all of those unreported trips to that COVID hot-spot Wisconsin? Including the one over Halloween where he rented out an entire bar/restaurant, turned off security cameras and requested all attendees to turn off / turn over cell phones so pictures wouldn’t leak out? We’re pretty sure the name of the bar appeared in our comment sections a few times.

Thank goodness the governor is the picture of health, because we heard the Lieutenant Governor is currently looked in a room, high as a kite and demanding todays run of Twinkies from the factory.

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