May 8, 2021 07:06

BLM Leader Honored As Hero By The Boston Red Sox Arrested For Punching 80 Year Old Female

During the annual “Hat’s off to Heroes” Ceremony with the Boston Red Sox, the team typically honors members of the military but it’s 2020 and this year team the decided to honor 32-year-old Black Lives Matter leader Ernst Jean-Jacques Jr.

On Saturday, Jean-Jacques Jr. was arrested in Swampscott, Massachusetts for punching an 80-year-old female who was attending a support rally for President Trump.

OutKick reported that Jacques Jr., was released on $550 bail. According to ItemLive, he was charged with assault and battery on a person 60 years or older.

According to his Facebook page, Jacques Jr. was approached by the Red Sox back in August. The team planned to honor the BLM leader on a night normally reserved to honor members of the military.

The “Hats off to Heroes” campaign, sponsored by John Hancock, is a typical between-inning promotion. A sports team presents a video paying tribute to a member of the military, and fans respond with gratitude.

Rather than honor the military this year, the Red Sox made the decision to honor Black Lives Matter leader Jacques Jr. in his “fight against social injustice” instead.

Jean-Jacques Jr. has been busy since being honored for his “fight against social injustice.” In September, he allegedly harassed Congress Candidate Rayla Cambell, who is African American.


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