May 6, 2021 18:16

Bradley Gets Ripped Off

We get the feeling that Ben Bradley is experiencing what we’ve been experiencing for fifteen-plus-years now:

  • Here’s a quick thread illustrating how the national political outrage machine works these days: 
  • Step 1: We report a simple local story about a union leader telling teachers it’s not safe to return to school while poolside in Puerto Rico.
  • Step 2: @DonaldJTrumpJr; @seanspicer and more people with the phrase “Fox News contributor” in their Twitter profiles than I care to count are among the tens of thousands who share the story
  • Step 3: Websites run their own versions of the story with bylines of people who have likely never set foot in Chicago (but most are kind enough to at least attribute where the story came from).
  • Step 4: The fine folks at Fox News Channel do an entire segment on the story without an ounce of attribution. Clearly they simply lifted the images from our story because they were already scrubbed from her social media before we ran our original piece.

Golly, that sounds so….familiar….right down to the sarcastic “fine folks” crack at Fox.

Which is why it was refreshing when Ben acknowledged where he got that story about the drunken assaulting racist sergeant (and sent the Chaplains half-a-yard).

In any event, voters need to be outraged a little more these days, but the mainstream media has abdicated its responsibilities. Bradley appears to be flirting with the idea of fair play and outing actual hypocrites, and that might not make him many friends among the Groot set. 

We’ll see how far this goes.

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