June 24, 2021 23:33

Business Exodus Continues

Another one bites the dust:

  • The Gap is closing its two-decade home on the Magnificent Mile, leaving a big space to fill on Chicago’s best-known retail street.

    Signs in the North Michigan Avenue flagship’s windows announce the upcoming closure, but the store remained open for business Tuesday.

    The clothing chain has occupied the postmodern, Stanley Tigerman-designed building since 2000.

    Gap representatives did not immediately respond to a request for comment Tuesday.

Oddly enough, guess who else wasn’t available for comment? Groot and Fatass.

And this isn’t the only business related news – we got this from a tradesman who loops us into things:

  • …the massive Pro Mat Trade show scheduled for April 12-16 at McCormick Place, has been canceled due to “local regulations.” Pro Mat brought in over 50,000 visitors to Chicago for the week. That is 1000’s of hotel rooms, 100,000’s of restaurant meals and other services all gone.

    Not to mention the taxes this event brought into the city.

    Lighthead has told the Trade organizations that she does not anticipate any events to be held at McCormick Place in 2021.

This sounds great for next year’s budget.

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