May 9, 2021 20:38

CA Police Release Video Of Officer Killing Unarmed Man

A Modesto, Ca., man who was shot and killed by a police officer last week was unarmed, officials said in a video that includes body camera footage of the fatal encounter. Trevor Seever, 29, was shot on Dec. 29 outside Modesto Church of the Brethren, reports the New York Times. Brandon Gillespie, interim Modesto police chief, said in the video that police were responding to a 911 call by Seever’s sister in which she said that her brother had bought a gun the night before and had sent a threatening text to their mother. Police recognized his name from a post he had made on social media, “All I want for Christmas is another dead MPD cop.” Body camera footage show officer Joseph Lamantia exiting a police car and running toward Seever yelling at him to “get on the ground” before firing four times in quick succession.

Lamantia ordered Seever to put his hands up, which he appeared to do. Lamantia ordered him twice more to put his hands up, then firds three more shots, after which Seever cried out and fell to the ground. Gillespie said officers believed Seever was armed, so Lamantia waited for backup to arrive with a ballistics shield before administering first aid. The encounter was not the first time Lamantia was involved in a fatal shooting. In 2010, he and another officer killed Francisco Moran, 45, after police received reports Moran was intoxicated and armed with a knife. He was carrying a metal spatula. In 2016, Lamantia was involved in the fatal shooting of Omar Villagomez, a suspect in a drug bust. The police said Villagomez rammed an undercover vehicle while trying to escape. The same year, Lamantia was involved in the fatal shooting of Kim Jackson, a woman who officers said charged at them with knives.

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