May 6, 2021 17:26

Camera Footage Shows Chauvin Defending Restraint of George Floyd

In newly released body-camera footage, Derek Chauvin defends his treatment of George Floyd to a bystander, saying Floyd “was probably on something” and needed to be under “control,” reports the Washington Post. The footage, played by the prosecution during Chauvin’s murder trial Wednesday, came from the body camera he was wearing as he and two other officers restrained Floyd, It is the first time the former Minneapolis police officer is known to have offered any hint of what he was thinking as he kept his knee on the Black man’s neck for over nine minutes. The jury was shown a conversation between Chauvin and Charles McMillian, a 61-year-old Black witness who confronted the White officer about his treatment of Floyd, that was captured as he was putting his camera back on.

The video was presented along with hard-to-watch footage captured by body cameras worn by the other officers at the scene, as they confronted and then knelt on Floyd’s body, while he moaned and begged for his life before going limp. The footage, released last summer but played for the first time in court, showed another officer at the scene—Thomas K. Lane—asking whether they should roll Floyd’s body over after he stops moving, a suggestion Chauvin rebuffed. A short time later, officer J. Alexander Kueng tells Chauvin he can no longer detect Floyd’s pulse. “Huh?” Chauvin replied, his knee still on Floyd’s neck, where it remained for at least two more minutes. Chauvin, who sat with his defense attorney at a nearby table, did not visibly react.

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