May 12, 2021 20:27

Capitol police officer is crushed trying to hold the door as mob pushes in

Update 1/9/2021

More video has emerged showing the struggle between officers and the insurrectionists who stormed inside the Capitol on Wednesday.

The latest shows a Capitol Officer screaming out in pain as he’s crushed as the mob pushes him against a door he is trying to hold close.

The officer was attempting, along with his fellow officer, to hold the west entrance of the building as Congress was in session.

One officer was killed due to injuries sustained after he was smashed with a fire extinguisher.

Police are attempting to locate the suspect and intend to charge him with murder of a law enforcement officer.


Melissa Nann Burke

The Detroit News

Michigan Sen. Gary Peters said Friday he intends to probe the security and intelligence failures behind Wednesday’s violent storming of the U.S. Capitol as the incoming chairman of the Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Government Affairs.

“It can never happen again,” he said.

Peters, a Democrat from Bloomfield Township, was at his desk on the Senate floor listening to debate Wednesday afternoon when insurgents breached the Capitol and began to ransack the building.

Peters and other lawmakers were rushed to safety, but five people died, including a 42-year-old Capitol Police officer after a rioter reportedly bashed him in the head with a fire extinguisher.

“We have very broad jurisdiction to investigate anything that the federal government touches, and we’re going to need to have that kind of comprehensive investigation,” Peters said in an interview.

“We need to know exactly what happened and why the Capitol Police were not adequately prepared to deal with a situation that they were confronted with.”

Peters praised the front-line officers who put themselves in harm’s way in trying to control an “incredibly difficult” situation, but he said the leadership of the Capitol Police failed.

“We’ve got to find out why they failed and make sure that we make whatever corrections necessary to prevent this from ever happening again,” Peters said.

“One thing is clear is that they were understaffed, so they did not have the manpower necessary to deal with the violent rush of the mob and were not in proper gear, as well,” he added.

“And it’s surprising to me because there was no shortage of indicators that this could be a very big and perhaps violent group that was going to descend on the Capitol.”

One area Peters said he intends to examine is the intelligence-gathering operations at the Department of Homeland Security and other relevant federal agencies after so many groups were encouraging supporters of President Donald Trump to descend on Washington to disrupt the counting of the Electoral College votes.

“You had the president of the United States himself tweeting to come to Washington, ‘it’s going to be wild,’ and the kinds of comments that he made, it was clear that an awful lot of folks were stoking anger,” Peters said.

“The fact that all of that was happening should not have escaped the attention of the Capitol Police or other folks entrusted with the security of folks at the Capitol and, given that, there should have been preparations for it, and certainly also protocols to bring in reinforcements if necessary.”

The top Republican on the panel, Ohio Sen. Rob Portman, on Friday indicated his intent to work with Peters and the leaders of the Senate Committee on Rules and Administration, which oversees Capitol Operations, to investigate Wednesday’s incident.

The senators in a joint statement said the attack “will forever be a stain on our nation’s history.”

“Let us be clear: An attack on the Capitol Building is an attack on every American,” the lawmakers said.

“We plan to conduct oversight and hold bipartisan hearings on these horrific events, and work together to make the necessary reforms to ensure this never happens again


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