March 5, 2021 14:50

Cat Fight

Groot is getting flak from an unlikely source:

  • Lightfoot, who supported Foxx’s re-election, does NOT appreciate ⁦@KimFoxxforSA criticism: “Kim Foxx has a lot to worry about on her own and I would be very careful if I were her about pointing fingers. I would make sure my house was in order.” @chicagosmayor

It certainly looks like Groot has been set up by the Prickwrinkle machine to take a hard fall in 2023 when she runs for re-election. Toni has been mysteriously silent and let her minions make the snide attacks. Groot (correctly) fires back at Crimesha’s incompetence in office, but needs to turn it around onto Prickwrinkle.

Fun times.

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