March 4, 2021 16:35

Chicago Faith Leaders Seek Reforms After Botched Raid

Chicago city lawyers made the rare move of apologetically withdrawing a request for federal court sanctions against a lawyer after the public release of video of a botched police raid, reports the Chicago Sun-Times. Faith leaders called for the dismantling of the Civilian Office of Police Accountability for its investigation into the raid. They demanded that Mayor Lori Lightfoot step in and take action against the officers who led the raid and those who signed off on it. Bishop Larry Trotter said,  “The mayor has to move quickly on this. I told the mayor … her integrity is in question.” The city acknowledged it failed to produce six additional body cameras from the raid despite being directed to release all footage. Lightfoot said that “all individuals responsible for this discovery failure be identified so they can be held accountable.”

Early last week, the city sought sanctions and tried to persuade U.S. District Judge John Tharp to order CBS Channel 2 not to broadcast the video of the raid on Anjanette Young’s home. In a filing Friday, city lawyers acknowledged their move against CBS “was a mistake.” They withdrew their request for sanctions targeted toward Young attorney Keenan Saulter but wrote, “we take very seriously our responsibility as officers of the court and were very concerned that a violation of a court order had occurred.” The city said, “The Mayor believes and we agree that we should give Attorney Saulter the benefit of the doubt that he did not appreciate that the court’s confidentiality order continued in full force and effect, even after the voluntary dismissal of the case in March 2020.”

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