June 25, 2021 00:08

Cincinnati Homicide Total Ties Worst Year On Record

Cincinnati has seen 88 killings in 2020, tying the worst year on record. The city’s homicide rate based on population is already higher than any other year on record, the Cincinnati Enquirer reports. In 2006, there were also 88 homicides during the entire year. Homicides have slowed since August, but not enough to offset the increase in killings during the spring and summer. While 2020 has matched 2016 as the worst year for homicide, this year has already surpassed it in terms of the city’s homicide rate due to Cincinnati’s rising population. There have been 28.7 deaths per 100,000 people this year. This rate will only increase if more homicides happen this year.

Homicides and gun crimes have spiked nationally. Among nearby cities, Columbus and Louisville have both surpassed their all-time records for homicides in a single year. Columbus passed its prior high on Nov. 13. Louisville did the same on Sept. 19. In Cincinnati, six neighborhoods account for more than half of the homicides across the city’s total of 52. The six neighborhoods contain about a quarter of the population of the city. So far this year, 16 women have been killed and, of those, 13 have been Black. Women account for just under 20 percent of the homicides this year. Domestic violence experts have said stay-at-home orders and economic stress have prompted a sharp increase in violence against women. Fewer than 10 percent of 2020’s homicide victims are white. The city’s population is about 50 percent white. Gun violence in Cincinnati is also poised to break records this year resetting the significant reduction of shootings over the past four years.

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