May 9, 2021 21:40

Colorado Bill Helps Sexual Violence Victims Track Their Cases

In an effort to keep survivors of sexual violence in Colorado more informed about their evidence kits, the state legislature is discussing a bill that would require medical professionals and law enforcement officials to provide information to survivors about the status of their evidence collection kits, reports The Aspen Times. The bill’s specific language states “the division of criminal justice in the Department of Public Safety and a statewide coalition for sexual assault victims to convene a statewide multidisciplinary committee to research the creation of a…..statewide system to track forensic medical evidence related to a sexual assault (medical evidence) whereby victims may access specified information concerning the medical evidence.”

The bill seeks to empower survivors who historically sacrifice autonomy and expose themselves to intrusive levels of scrutiny when reporting these crimes to law enforcement. “It expands the rights that victims in these heinous crimes have in that they can be confident that they know what’s going on,” said Rep. Dylan Roberts, a Democrat representing Routt and Eagle counties, who helped push the bill through the House Judiciary Committee, where it passed unanimously. “A lot of times, victims of these types of crime undergo a rape kit examination following the crime, but then they didn’t know what happens to that evidence.”

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