June 22, 2021 01:42

Cop charged in Breonna Taylor case sued for alleged 2018 sex assault of woman he met at bar

Fired Kentucky cop Brett Hankison, the only officer charged in the Breonna Taylor case, has been sued for sexual assault in a complaint that claims he used his uniform “to prey on innocent women.”

The 24-page complaint obtained by The Courier Journal also alleges Hankison’s supervisors turned a blind eye to his “regular practice” of stalking vulnerable, intoxicated women who thought they could trust him.

Plaintiff Margo Borders filed her suit Tuesday in Jefferson County Circuit Court after stepping forward June 4 with a Facebook post outlining her accusations.

Borders says Hankison assaulted her in April 2018 after he offered a ride home from the Tin Roof bar where he was working security as an off-duty police officer.

“He drove me home in uniform, in his marked car, invited himself into my apartment and sexually assaulted me while I was unconscious,” she said in her post.

“For years, he has used his police uniform and secondary night club employment to as mechanisms to prey on innocent women who are two decades younger than him,” her civil suit filed by lawyer Sam Aguiar states.

“Hankison’s playbook has been confirmed by several courageous victims: spot young women which fit his type; build trust with them through law enforcement status; add the women as friends to social media accounts; identify the women when they are at the bar in a vulnerable or intoxicated state; take the women home as their designated driver in a police uniform; make advances towards the women; sexually pursue the women and, if they do not consent or are otherwise incapable of consenting, sexually assault them,” the complaint alleges.

Borders, a graduate of the University of Louisville law school called Hankison “a predator of the worst kind” in a previous statement to The Courier Journal.

In her lawsuit, Border claims Hankison invited himself into her home and plopped down on her couch when she left him and fell asleep in her bedroom.

She claims Hankison let himself into her bedroom and assaulted her before she regained consciousness and yelled at him to get off of her.

The assault left Borders injured and in “tremendous physical pain,” the paperwork states.

Hankison, 44, also is facing criminal charges over the botched raid on Taylor’s apartment that led to the death of the unarmed Black ER technician on March 13.

A grand jury indicted him on three counts of first-degree wanton endangerment for the 10 bullets he fired into the home of Taylor’s white neighbors.

The two officers who shot a total of 22 bullets at Taylor before she collapsed and died on her apartment floor were not charged, to the dismay of two grand jurors on the panel.

Attempts to reach Hankison were not successful Tuesday.

He was fired by the Louisville Metro Police Department for his firing “blindly” in the direction of Taylor’s apartment.


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