June 25, 2021 00:17

COPA Scandals

Typical inept city bureaucracy embroiled in their own scandals. The Contrarian covers numerous scandals roiling the “watchdogs” since inception:

  • Though COPA is supposed to be under the prying eyes of the notoriously daft Inspector General Joe Ferguson, the agency is once again pegged to embarrassing news. On December 8, a COPA employee was arrested by officers serving with the CPD’s fugitive apprehension section. Though the employee’s name was not released, the COPA staffer is alleged to have participated in the rioting and looting which overwhelmed the Magnificent Mile on August 10. The accused, who is believed to be a paralegal with COPA, was later released without charge. Responding to the latest disgrace, COPA issued a programmatic statement declaring the agency was examining an “internal personnel matter.” COPA’s statement pointedly reminded readers of its “high accountability standards” and “strict code of conduct” for employees.
Go read it all.

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