September 21, 2021 10:48

Council of Cowards

Groot’s “pandemic budget” passes by the narrowest margin in decades:

  • Mayor Lori Lightfoot on Tuesday savored her hard-fought budget victory, even though her winning margin was the narrowest in decades and could spell trouble when it comes to making the tough decisions ahead.

    The mayor’s plan to raise property taxes by $94 million, followed by annual increases tied to the consumer price index, passed with only two votes to spare. The roll call was 28 to 22.

    The “No” votes were cast by 11 white aldermen, including some of the mayor’s closest allies, along with seven Hispanic and four Black aldermen. They were concentrated in wards that comprised Lightfoot’s political base.

That last paragraph doesn’t make sense – if these “No” votes were her “closest allies” AND they represent her “base,” who exactly did she get the 28 “Yes” votes from? Her enemies who represent voters who went for Prickwrinkle? 

And somehow, there weren’t 3 votes to flip?

By the way, the Vallas post from a few days ago was 100% accurate – future property tax increases are built into this budget so aldercreatures can claim “I didn’t vote for a property tax increase” when it’s automatically tied to the rate of inflation or the cost-of-living increase. This also means that pretty much every “raise” all of the unions negotiate from this point forward is merely a slowing of salary reductions. 

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