April 11, 2021 23:45

Crackdown on Rioters Slammed for Double Standards on Race

At least eight people allegedly affiliated with organizations such as The Three Percenters, The Oath Keepers, Proud Boys, Texas Freedom Force, and other self-described Nazis and white supremacists were among those who joined the thousands that stormed the U.S. Capitol building, according to federal investigators, reports NPR.  Law enforcement officials were able to track suspects down by using information gleaned from tipsters, social media posts shared by the accused, and news media coverage. The arrests come as The Washington Post reports that the FBI investigation of the Capitol riot has begun to zero in on potential key figures in the chaos, including some self-styled militia members who in some videos and photos appear to be planning or urging further violence.

However, while the weekend arrests of people with alleged ties to extremist groups reflects the FBI’s increasing attention to the more prepared, organized and determined groups among the larger mass of rioters, Reuters reports that black gun-right activists at the annual “Lobby Day” in Richmond, Va., have denounced police who stopped a car of Black men and confiscated two of their guns at the protest on Monday while white gun rights activists defied local laws unimpeded in the state capital of Richmond. Many feel the incident is indicative of the kind of double standards witnessed during the past year by police overseeing anti-racist and white nationalist demonstrations across the United States.

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