June 17, 2021 18:54

Crimesha Drops More Charges

Another great Crimesha caper:

  • Jeremy Dewitte is such a habitual police impersonator, entire websites are dedicated to tracking his activities. He’s also a convicted sex offender, but that’s beside the point. YouTube is littered with videos of his escapades. Even Dr. Phil knows about him.

    But he got a break in Chicago. Prosecutors here have dropped all counts against Dewitte who was facing assault, aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, and criminal damage to property charges in connection with a July 2019 incident in Lakeview.

He’s also been impersonating police in Florida and attempted to disarm a deputy there. But Crimesha doesn’t deem him worthy of imprisonment here in Chicago. 

CWB doing all the heavy lifting again – click over and read the entire story.

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