June 17, 2021 20:43

CTU Insanity

So the Teachers are in full support of this stand?

The CTU deleted this tweet as backlash was swift:

  • The Chicago Teachers Union is facing swift criticism on social media Sunday after claiming in a now deleted tweet that the push to reopen schools is “rooted in sexism, racism and misogyny.”

    One user replied to the tweet, saying “some people really don’t like doing their jobs.”

    Another user responded: “Then why are minority parents suing in California saying virtual learning has left their children behind? You say you care about your students, but you clearly don’t.”

    Meanwhile, another Twitter user called to “end public school unions”, arguing that they are “destructive and are undermining the education of our children.”

Anything to avoid actually returning to schools and educating children – sounds like it’s far past time to defund teachers and disband their union.

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