June 22, 2021 00:48

Demotions and Promotions

We’ll just throw this out there before HQ and City Hall get around to announcing anything:

  • Retirements & Demotions:
    Saldana – retiring
    Hanna – retiring
    Williams back to Captain from Inspections (and retiring soon)

    Cmdr Quarterman to Lt. (007)

Then there are these:

  • some new Captains and some reassignments:
    Ramirez 003
    Murphy 004 (from Academy – SPARred Mrs. Carter)
    Mullinex to 009
    Sesso 014 (from HQ)
    Parham 011
    Lamb 022

    S. Carter – didn’t get 006. HQ working for Boik. Only Captain left working in an inside spot.

New Commanders:

  • R. Watson to 003
    Ben to 006

    McKenzie to 007

“New” hire:

  • Retired Cmdr Jimmy Sanchez as Director of GEU at Homan

Gee, commander pension and Director salary. What’s that, about $250K or more?

  • Deputy Chiefs:
    Snelling to A/S Deputy Chief
    Muhammad to D Unit as Deputy Chief

    Dep Chief Darlin to CCS from Patrol


  • Chiefs:
    ODonnel to CCS (Crime Control Strategies)

    Boik as Chief of Constitutional Policing from “Interim Deputy Sup.”

As a sop to “reform” the Area XO’s (a commander slot?) are going to be eliminated / redistributed in open spots.

There are still some last minute changes expected for slots of those who aren’t going to go quietly into the night.

UPDATE: There is a Lieutenants list ready to go now, but might not be released until January. Sergeants in January. Maybe.

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