August 1, 2021 13:54

Do Disgraced Corrupt Cops Deserve 454 Years in Prison?

Two notorious former Baltimore Police officers serving hundreds of years in federal prison for shaking down drug dealers are seeking to be released, arguing their sentences wouldn’t hold up today.

William King and Antonio Murray, public housing drug cops taken down by the FBI in 2005, were sentenced to staggering prison terms of 315 and 139 years, respectively, but would have received considerably less time if they had faced convictions today, reports Justin Fenton of the Baltimore Sun, in a story quoted by the Capital Gazette. The presiding judge at the time called the sentences “grossly disproportionate” to their crimes, but ignored King’s claims that he learned to commit crimes as a form of on-the-job training and that immense pressure to reduce crime was the reason he and some colleagues went bad.  Congress has since passed sentencing reforms and, coupled with COVID-19 concerns, attorneys are asking that the men be granted compassionate release.

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