August 1, 2021 12:51

DOJ Inspector General Examines Mysterious Departure of Atlanta U.S. Attorney

The Justice Department inspector general has begun examining the abrupt departure this month of the U.S. attorney in Atlanta, Byung J. “BJay” Pak, after then-President Donald Trump complained officials in Georgia were not doing enough to find election fraud, reports the Washington Post. Pak unexpectedly announced Jan. 4 that he was stepping down that day as the U.S. attorney for the Northern District of Georgia, surprising many in his office. Trump then bypassed Pak’s top deputy in selecting a temporary replacement, raising questions among legal observers about the possibility of political interference in law enforcement work. The circumstances of Pak’s departure remain something of a mystery.

Two people familiar with the matter said Pak received a call from a senior Justice Department official in Washington that led him to believe he should resign. Trump had been upset with what he perceived as the agency’s lack of action on his unfounded claims in Georgia and across the country, people familiar with the matter said at the time. Pak’s resignation came a day after The Washington Post reported on an extraordinary call in which Trump urged Republican Brad Raffensperger, the Georgia secretary of state, to “find” enough votes to overturn his election defeat in that state.

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