September 19, 2021 23:11

DOJ Silent on Trump’s Election Fraud Claims

The Justice Department has met President Donald Trump’s claims of widespread voter fraud with two weeks of skeptical silence, not taking any overt moves to investigate what Trump’s lawyer, Rudolph Giuliani, claims is a globe-spanning conspiracy to steal the election. Such deafening silence from one of the main election law enforcers indicates  how little evidence there is to support wide-ranging claims made by Trump and his supporters, notably Giuliani in a news conference, the Washington Post reports. Justice Department officials have said they are willing to investigate legitimate claims of vote fraud; Attorney General William Barr loosened restrictions that might otherwise have discouraged prosecutors from doing so before results are certified.

Current and former officials said Giuliani’s accusations sounded “crazy,” and they have not heard of evidence suggesting large-scale fraud. DOJ’s silence is “a tiny sliver of normalcy, and frankly a positive sign that we are on our way back to a better place,” said Justin Levitt, an ex-Justice Department voting rights official now on the faculty of Loyola Law School in Los Angeles. “The Justice Department also hasn’t come out and said the world is round, because they don’t need to.” Federal law enforcement officials  said they want to avoid getting dragged into investigations that lack any reasonable basis of suspicion. In a few instances, the Justice Department has quietly signaled it is reviewing allegations, but officials have found little evidence of wrongdoing. Law Prof. Richard Hasen of the University of California Irvine said that given Barr’s public disparagement of mail-in voting before the election, “if there had been anything he could have hung his hat on after the election, he would have done so. The fact that no one has come forward with anything … that’s a pretty good indication this has been a pretty clean election.”

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