May 16, 2021 18:34

Dominos Start to Tumble

Groot’s latest lies claim their first victim – the head of the Law Department:

  • Chicago’s top lawyer, Mark Flessner, has resigned over the Anjanette Young raid.

    Flessner sent law department employees a brief email announcing his resignation, the mayor’s office confirmed.

    In a statement issued Sunday afternoon, Lightfoot said she accepted Flessner’s resignation “effective immediately” and said she was committed to a “full review of everything that occurred surrounding this incident, will take corrective action where appropriate, and will hold people accountable.”

Don’t feel to sorry for this guy though:

  • The mayor had previously worked with Flessner at the U.S. attorney’s office for Northern Illinois. Lightfoot stood by Flessner earlier in her term, when it became public that Flessner had claimed two primary residences — one in Chicago and another in Naperville — and incorrectly received homestead tax exemptions for both.

In Chicago, you’re only held accountable some of the time.

Officers and sergeant will be stripped shortly.

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