August 1, 2021 23:05

Failure Theater

More summer-like numbers….in November:

  • 8:00p Peaceful Tally: 11 killed, 27 wounded
    2019 Thanksgiving weekend: 4 killed, 28 wounded
    2018 Thanksgiving weekend: 4 killed, 20 wounded
    2017 Thanksgiving weekend: 8 killed, 37 wounded
    2016 Thanksgiving weekend: 11 killed, 64 wounded
    2015 Thanksgiving weekend: 9 killed, 22 wounded
    2014 Thanksgiving weekend: 5 killed, 23 wounded
    2013 Thanksgiving weekend: 4 killed, 12 wounded

The 2020 numbers are subject to updates, but the number dead has equaled the 2016 bloodbath – and Chicago is only fifteen killings away from surpassing that entire year. 

Guess which District is leading the carnage for a seventh year in a row?

  • To get a measure of just how bad crime is on Chicago’s West Side this year, one good place to start is about 350 miles away — Minneapolis.

    Minneapolis has struggled with violence since May when a police officer knelt on George Floyd’s neck and he died, setting off protests, looting and rioting that spread across the country, including in Chicago.

    Floyd’s killing shattered the friendly, stoic image of that city of 425,000, which is dealing with a growing murder problem. Through mid-November, Minneapolis has had almost 75 killings — stunning for a city with fewer than 50 killings in all of 2019.

    But the violence alone in Chicago’s 11th police district, also known as the Harrison District, is worse.

Just for comparison purposes, 011 has more homicides than all of Nashville (62), all of Minneapolis (75), more than riot-torn Seattle (59), even all of San Francisco (50). 

011 started the weekend at ninety homicides. As of 2000 hours Sunday, the number was at ninety-three, tying their totals from 2016 and according to one of our archivists, the highest total since 1996 when they topped one-hundred. 

Groot sure knows how to pick a command staff.

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