June 17, 2021 19:22

FBI Seeks ‘Too Tall Bandit’ in 16 Bank Robberies

The “Too Tall Bandit” is back in action. Law enforcement authorities are searching for a man believed responsible for at least 16 bank robberies across three states since 2009. The latest was at the United Community Bank in Etowah, N.C., last Friday. Authorities in Tennessee, North Carolina and South Carolina have been seeking the man. Described as a white male about 40 years old, the Too Tall Bandit is between six and six and a half feet tall. In each robbery, he wears a disguise, including a mask and gloves. He is armed with a black handgun.

The FBI is offering up to $15,000 for information that would help identify a suspect. Autumn and winter appear to be his favorite seasons: Most of the robberies in which he is a suspect took place in October, November and December. It was not immediately clear  when the Too Tall Bandit got his nickname, but the FBI often gives such nicknames to facilitate publicity, as with the “Headband Bandit” in San Francisco in 2016, the smiling “Bombshell Bandit” in Los Angeles in 2014 and the “Longhorn Bandit” in Texas in 2017. FBI described the Too Tall Bandit in 2017 as sometimes wearing a Halloween mask during the robberies.

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