June 17, 2021 20:00

Feds Join Probe of Ohio Black Man Shot By Deputy

Casey Goodson Jr. died in Columbus after being shot “multiple times in the torso,” and preliminary information indicated his death was a result of a homicide, Franklin County Coroner Anahi Ortiz announced Wednesday, the Columbus Dispatch reports. Goodson, a 23-year-old Black man, was shot outside his home by a Franklin County sheriff’s deputy last week. Goodson’s family had said he was shot three times in the back. Law enforcement has faced criticism for Goodson’s death. Authorities and family members tell conflicting stories about the events that led to his death, including whether he waved a gun.

U.S. Attorney David DeVillers announced that the FBI, the Civil Rights Division of the Department of Justice and the Columbus Police Critical Incident Response Team will “review the facts and circumstances” surrounding the shooting of Goodson by Franklin County Sheriff’s SWAT deputy Jason Meade. The announcement came after an exchange between Columbus police and Ohio Attorney General Dave Yost over who would lead the investigation. Goodson was shot Friday after an unsuccessful search for a fugitive involving a U.S. Marshals task force. Police said Goodson was waving a firearm at them. When confronted, Goodson did not drop the gun and Meade shot him, they said. Goodson’s family has said that he had a valid license to carry a concealed weapon and that he was carrying sandwiches while walking into his home when he was shot.

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