April 13, 2021 06:00

Feds Ordered to Hand Over Data on Freed Immigrants Facing Removal

A federal judge ruled Monday that the Biden administration must provide records about any immigrants ordered deported who were released from custody in the wake of executive action pausing deportations for 100 days, reports the Courthouse News Service. Texas sued the federal government and Department of Homeland Security officials Friday, claiming the deportation freeze violates a deal it struck with DHS two weeks before Biden’s Jan. 20 inauguration that gave it authority to stay any substantive change to federal immigration law enforcement for 180 days if it does not consent to the change.

The state said an internal email U.S. Immigrations and Customs Enforcement sent ICE officials in Texas on Thursday had ordered them to not only stop all removals, but to immediately release those in custody who have been ordered removed, starting on Friday, the day the moratorium took effect. One of Texas’ main arguments is there will be more undocumented immigrants in the state for whom it will have to shoulder additional social services costs if DHS stops deportations. Republicans have complained Biden’s moratorium is like sending an invitation to would-be immigrants that if you make it into the United States you won’t be deported.  According to the government, Texas lacks standing because it has offered no evidence to back its claims of fiscal harm caused by the moratorium.

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