July 28, 2021 23:55

Fergie Deflecting

From a day or so ago, IG Ferguson shoots for the moon and picks on…..the CPD:

  • Inspector General Joe Ferguson turned up the heat on the Chicago Police Department Monday to realign police beats, speed compliance with a federal consent decree and support the anonymous reporting system he created to end CPD’s code of silence.

    With his own future in doubt and several elements of the multi-pronged monitoring system in similar limbo, Ferguson likened lagging compliance with the consent decree to trying to fix an airplane in mid-flight.

Occasionally, you will hear about the military doing a complete “stand down” of a largish portion of the force to correct some really bad practice or training issue that would otherwise degrade the force as a whole. It usually comes out in public weeks or months later because revealing it would impact the readiness posture to adversaries.

It doesn’t work like that at the local level – you can’t stop the Department in its tracks in order to bring everything into compliance. And the Department has been kind of stretched thin with….oh, riots, unrest and violence. But the brain trust here thinks you can burn the candle at both ends.

As for the anonymous reporting system, that one is already gone with the FOP win a few weeks ago – you can’t go against state law.

Realigning beats? Gee, that’s only been suggested for over 30-plus years now. It’s the “3rd rail” of police “reform” and there isn’t an aldercreature willing to take it up – they could remap everything tomorrow if the political will was there.

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