August 1, 2021 22:07

Fetal Being Forced on Cops

At some point, cops aren’t going to be responding to calls:

  • A certain Central Control Group Commander let us know in roll call that the city and department will not back us if we are shot/shot at with a paintball gun and use deadly force. Sounds like they are being told that it is not deadly force and therefore we cannot meet it with deadly force. Despite the department releasing a video about the attacks being on the rise and multiple people suffering injuries to their eyes that are so damaging it includes people not just loosing their vision but their physical eye. So sounds like going fetal might not just be in relation to proactive, but how we need to curl up on the street as we get pelted with paintballs.

    He was visibly uncomfortable and put off when he told us this.

And right after Cato told everyone at a presser cops were treating these attacks as if there were real guns being fired. 

So Brownie is gutless, Cato is another liar and this CCG commander is the only one embarrassed by the orders he’s being forced to give out?

Stay fetal.

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