June 17, 2021 20:38

FOP Walks Away – Arbitration?

He gave them every opportunity to negotiate:

  • Brothers and Sisters,

    As I previously informed you, the city was told to respond by 3pm today on whether the 11.5% offer was achievable or not and what it would take to make that happen. Clearly they have not been bargaining in good faith. They waited till EXACTLY 3PM to send they reply today. They have rejected that offer as unreasonable. In return, a response was sent to them.

    The city was informed that the 11.5% is now off the table for good and we are reverting to our original counter offer of 17%. Any and all discipline reform talks are also now off the table going forward. Those 2 issues will end up in arbitration at some point. We will continue to negotiate parts of the contract wherever possible. When we a hit wall on all matters, we will then proceed to arbitration on whatever has not been resolved.

    All this after the Mayor twisted enough arms to get her budget passed this afternoon which not only increased property taxes but also cut over 600 CPD sworn job from our budget. That is a quasi defund the police move. 29 Alderman voted for that budget. Their names will be published tomorrow.

    John Catanzara Jr.

This is a good fight to have – we’ve been working through the “pandemic,” having days off canceled and pretty working every holiday.

Teachers got how much and they haven’t been in a classroom since March? And they’re still only contributing 2% to their pensions.

How about start running more police officers for aldercreature? The “defund” movement is a failure nationwide…even here in Chicago. Los Angeles record ed its 300th homicide after years of declines. Start hammering the issue. Instead of offering endorsements, start running candidates. Even if we’re splitting votes, we might be affecting incumbents.

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