May 6, 2021 17:42

Former ‘Survivor’ contestant charged with felony in Virginia

DANVILLE, Va. — The long lasting reality TV show “Survivor” has had many memorable characters compete over the decades. One noteworthy competitor was Jonny Fairplay who famously concocted the lie that his grandmother had died in order to help his standing in the game. It was a move that has been remembered in the annals of “Survivor” history.

Now, he’s accused of stealing from his grandmother. The Pittsylvania County Sheriff’s Office issued two criminal complaints against Fairplay and his mother Patsy Hall, WSET reported.

According to authorities, Fairplay has been charged with grand larceny after some personal effects were taken from a residence in Virginia. Ironically, the man now charged with a felony was viewed as a villain during his appearance during season seven of “Survivor” in 2003.

According to the Pittsylvania County Sheriff’s Office, Fairplay — also known as Jon Dalton —  was charged after a silver necklace and furniture were taken from his grandmother’s home in October. The stolen items are valued at $7,000.

The sheriff’s office said Fairplay’s aunt filed the complaint, according to WSET.

Fairplay, 46, and Hall turned themselves in at a magistrate’s office Friday after Danville police served them warrants, a police spokesman told the news organization.

“I (we) have been unjustly charged by a family member. I welcome the opportunity to vindicate myself (and my mother),” Fairplay wrote in a message to the Associated Press on Wednesday evening.


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