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Four Years On – The Case Of Missy Bevers. Have You Seen The Surveillance Footage?

I imagine most of you have heard of this case, but for those who don’t, here’s some background information. For context, I’m an ex-police Detective and I covered the case recently for my true crime Youtube channel.

Missy Bevers (actual name Terri Bevers) was a 45-year-old mother of three daughters and married to Brandon Bevers. She was a stay at home mum but followed her passion in life and became a personal trainer. She was part of ‘Camp Gladiator’ and held regular classes, including a weekly early bird session in Creekside Church in Midlothian, Texas, near where she lived in Red Oak. Her husband was away on a work-sponsored fishing trip, and there were three members of class due to turn up at 4.30 and the rest at 5 am. But one of the 4.30 class had a flat tyre and the other cried off because of heavy rain. The third early bird didn’t know how to get in, as it was his first time at class, so he waited for the others to attend at five. Missy was hugely popular, a bright and bubbly fun-loving woman who adored her children and enjoyed helping others achieve their fitness goals. Which is why it came as a huge shock when she was found lying in a pool of glass and blood.

911 was called and her friends were in shock. Police initially thought it was a burglary gone wrong and she had disturbed the suspect. She had puncture wounds to her head and chest and a weapon was found nearby. But when police found the CCTV, everything changed. Surveillance footage showed the suspect dressed in what looked like a police tactical uniform which covered their identity. They were carrying what looked like a hammer and a crowbar. They had a light over their head. Nothing was taken from the church. They made a clean getaway. After, a nearby gun & sporting goods shop handed in further CCTV to the police. This was taken around 2 am, over a couple of hours before Missy was found. The car drove into the expansive car park, turning their headlights off. They parked up for two minutes and drove around the car park, acting strangely as they stopped and started and turned their headlights on and off. This footage is very strange to watch. It’s 8 minutes long and I’ve featured it in my video. Unfortunately, their license plate or identity could not be recovered from the footage. The videos went viral and a witchhunt was launched against Missy’s husband, Brandon, despite him being taller than the believed height of the suspect which was thought to be between 5 feet 2″ to 5 feet 8. It was revealed that they’d been having relationship problems, and Missy had been sending intimate texts and online messages to other men. It’s also alleged that there had been affairs but they had been going for counseling to help mend their relationship. Missy was prolific on social media. She had over 1,400 photos shared with little to no privacy settings, and posts saying where she was, what car she drove, what times her classes were and when her husband away. As Brandon’s alibi was rock solid, the public turned to his father Randy. He fitted the description of the man in the surveillance video, who walked with a pronounced limp. But he also had an alibi and was hundreds of miles away. Missy’s friends were spoken to by the police and they said she had been concerned about ‘strange and creepy’ Linkedin messages she had received. Her friend said she had been subdued in the weeks leading up to her death, and not her usual self. Police arrested ex-police officer Bobby Wayne Hendry, a man with a very dark past when it came to his treatment of women and his use of firearms. Missy’s actual cause of death was never revealed. Some say she was shot, some say stabbed, others say it was the hammer the suspect had been swinging in the footage. Some very disturbing things were found on Hendry’s computer but he was cleared. He had police tac gear but was over 6ft tall so didn’t fit the bill size-wise. He said he didn’t know Missy, although they went to the same church. He also volunteered as security at her funeral. But he passed the lie detector test and was later released.

So who killed Missy? Well, I believe she had a stalker that she had perhaps knocked back and he decided to kill her. There’s a LOT more to this case but I’m typing this off the top of my head. If you’d like to see the footage as well as some police insight then you can see the video here. I’d love to hear your opinions of the case.

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