August 4, 2021 15:54

Groot Finds More Money

For schools that are currently closed and unlikely to open this year:

  • Ventilation and air quality in the vast majority of Chicago Public Schools classrooms have been deemed safe for students and staff after district-wide inspections in recent weeks, officials said this week.

    In an effort to prove its buildings can safely welcome back thousands of people during the ongoing pandemic, the school system said it conducted its own internal examinations of ventilation systems at all 500-plus district run schools and hired an outside, independent inspector to take air quality samples at those facilities.


    The district’s chief operating officer, Arnie Rivera, said CPS is spending $8.5 million on 20,000 air purifiers that are expected to go into every classroom.

Anyone want to bet this won’t be nearly enough for the CTU to sign off on actually reporting to schools and educating students?

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