June 21, 2021 22:21

Groot Wanted More Taxes

The little dictator doesn’t seem to understand that aldercreatures are supposed to work for their constituents:

  • Mayor Lori Lightfoot on Tuesday condemned as “aldermanic prerogative at its worst” the decision by downtown aldermen to block plans to raise commercial property taxes along North Michigan Avenue to bankroll security improvements after two rounds of looting.

    Lightfoot said commercial properties fronting the Magnificent Mile are “suffering and hurting” after a dramatic dropoff in sales and foot traffic and were willing to tax themselves to shore up their defenses and lure back shoppers.

Businesses asking for “more taxes”? We think Groot is misinterpreting the tenor of conversation going on between businesses, aldercreatures and her office.

  • Hopkins countered that Lightfoot’s efforts to “achieve dictatorial rule of Chicago have been stymied, not because of aldermanic prerogative, but because the legislative branch is a co-equal branch of government.”

    “That’s a lesson she needs to learn and needs to learn quickly,” Hopkins said.

    Reilly renewed his complaint about the “truncated, hurry-up-and-approve-it” process used to create the taxing district and about plans to spend a “significant portion” of the money generated by the three-year tax hike on “salary, contracts, personnel and other operating expenses.”

    “This proposal was unveiled just four months ago [and] was developed without any input from the local aldermen. A number of key procedural checkpoints [to gauge support] were waived. And roughly a third of the impacted property owners still do not support the application,” Reilly wrote in an email to the Sun-Times.

One-third opposition is a significant number of businesses who have an actual stake in the TIF being created. The Tribune found that Michigan Avenue has already lost one-third of the businesses. If one-third of the remaining businesses decide that this is the last straw and they shut for good if implemented, the aldercreatures are looking at a 50% reduction in viable businesses in a single year.

Sounds like aldercreatures are doing their jobs, instead of rolling over. For once.

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