July 28, 2021 22:06

Haircut, Birthday Party, and Now…

And once again, numerous reports that Groot is above all that lockdown bullshit:

  • While the mayor’s block was closed to traffic for her Halloween block party.
  • Was informed last night that multiple teams were taken out of 001 last night and sent to Kimball & Wrightwood to protect LL’s house while she hosted a Halloween party. SCC, got anyone on the inside who can confirm this?
  • They probably had to extend our shifts because of all the extra PO’s assigned to watch lightfoots house for her kids halloween party

And once again, the gutless media will run cover for the Groot. The tone-deafness of this runt is amazing.

Maybe this will become reality?

  • Relative in private industry told me something that is hard to believe, but possible I guess. Because of what he does for a living, he has always had access to the information about what is going on behind the scenes at city hall. He claims that Groot is seriously considering resigning! She’s overwhelmed and in over her head, but she won’t admit that and claims to those around her that the job is to much stress on her family life and her wife and daughter don’t deserve to have to live through all the crap the family endures.

If Crimesha loses, look for the rumors to really kick into overdrive.

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