August 4, 2021 14:13

Here’s a Mystery

This is Groot voting earlier in November:

The thing is, she’s voting at Colletti’s. We’re told it’s a well-known Italian bistro type restaurant on the far northwest side – Elston and Central. 

That’s no where near 014, no where near Logan Square and very much closer to Sauganash. Groot is far too smart to be committing voter fraud, so we’re going to guess she moved north and didn’t tell anyone. In fact, Google Maps tells us this is just two miles south of Dick’s Sporting Goods that she bought a paddle board at the other day.

We’d hate to think that concerned citizens weren’t having their voices heard if they’re protesting at an empty house. After all, the essence of the American system is that politicians listen to the citizens, right? 

Who’s got a copy of 017’s sheets?


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