June 24, 2021 02:12

HI Ex-Prosecutor Gets 13 Years in Fraud Case

A federal judge sentenced a former Honolulu prosecutor to 13 years in prison Monday and her retired police chief husband to seven years, saying she stole money from her grandmother and used law enforcement power to frame her uncle for a crime he didn’t commit, all to maintain the couple’s lavish lifestyle. Katherine and Louis Kealoha, now estranged, were once a respected power couple. Louis Kealoha retired amid a wide-ranging federal investigation. Katherine Kealoha later gave up her law license.“ This case has staggered the community in many ways,” said U.S. District Judge J. Michael Seabright, reports USA Today.

He described how Katherine Kealoha devised a reverse mortgage scheme that forced her grandmother to sell her home, framed her uncle for stealing the Kealohas’ home mailbox, stole money from children whose trusts she controlled, cheated her uncle out of his life savings, convinced her firefighter lover to lie about their affair and turned a drug investigation away from her doctor brother. “Truth can be stranger than fiction,” the judge said at Katherine Kealoha’s sentencing. A jury convicted the Kealohas last year of conspiracy, along with two former officers who are scheduled to be sentenced Tuesday.;

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