May 8, 2021 00:44


A reader pointed out this story:

  • The Food and Drug Administration is alerting pet owners about high levels of aflatoxin in some pet foods after 28 dogs reportedly died and eight others were sickened.

    The food containing the toxin has been identified as certain Sportmix products manufactured by Midwestern Pet Foods. The products were voluntarily recalled by the company on Wednesday.

    The FDA and the Missouri Department of Agriculture are working with the manufacturer to determine whether more products contain high levels of the toxin.

We like dogs. Hooray that the FDA took this step. 

But as the reader pointed out:

  • The [FDA] does not recall a product that kills 520,000 Americans a year and over seven million worldwide. Last I checked in about one year we had about 1.8 million deaths worldwide on something we can’t control, and with cigarettes over 7 million deaths with something we can control. If the fda and our liebrals cared so much about saving lives why aren’t they putting the tobacco industry on lockdown instead of us humans, if groot an jb putz actually care about saving lives this would be their next undertaking.

We imagine it might have something to do with money? 

But that’s crazy talk. What politician is more concerned about dollars than human lives?

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