May 6, 2021 18:12

Housekeeping Request

We’ve noticed that people are copying entire comments in order to reply with their own comment. Then someone copies the original comment and reply to post their own rebuttal. Then sometimes, the original poster copies the comment, the reply, the rebuttal and….creating massive text blocks that no one is reading and we are finding difficult to properly monitor.

Therefore we are requesting that you make the attempt to ONLY copy the portion of the comment that you are addressing to make it smaller and easier to read. If the block gets too big, copy the date/time stamp at the bottom and interested parties can scroll back to find out what you’re talking about.

We aren’t asking much, and we aren’t going to start with the hammer. 

But if it continues, and you don’t see your WALL OF TEXT that you spent precious seconds creating instead of taking the minimal effort to Copy/Paste the tiny passage you want to reply to, don’t be surprised that we got bored monitoring it and just took the exact same minimal effort you did.

(comments closed here – informational post only)

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